1. Hello my name is Mrs Smith and we are looking 
for women and minorities to help diversify our business in the optical field , but of course, everyone is welcome to join our team. We are looking for entry level optical reps and optical techs to expand our market in various locations throughout our network of opticians and optometrist nationwide.   The best part of our business is that no experience is necessary. As a rep or optical tech, picture,  you can make up me up to $1500 a week working in one of the  optical routes that you are assigned to. 
Our reps also take orders for our doctors when they want to purchase optical equipments such as lenses, lens cuters, and various optical supplies  such as lenses, solutions, nosepads, lenses, and much more. 
Also, Optica tecbs and reps will be trained to work in doctor's offices at an entry level positions to further help with sales.  Please makere to share this information, as we are expanding our reach nation wide.  For  more information or to apply, click here.
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Hello, my name is lola, If you are interested in the optical rep and tech position, you can click apply below after watching this video


ad wounded warrior here

2. If you are starting out as an optical rep or tech for us, you are entering a career that is both exciting and financially rewarding,  if  you are willing to work hard. As a rep, you will be offering the 50 doctors of optometry in your route many useful products and services and this is accomplished by simply  dropping off your business cards along with your contact information.  Optometrist and Opticians will sometimes order everyday from you, so oftentimes, sales will just be automatic and you will get paid for those sales.  Some sales reps can earn up to 1500 a week and our trained techs who work at the various opticals in our network can earn up to 70k a year.  Those who become District managers at variou big box stores in our network like Costco and Walmart can make up to 150k a year.  


veteran lab special, get 25% off this and that....


give 3 testimonials, one white and my black girll and one white girl


The way pay works is, if someone request a repair, you would get paid...

if they order lenses 

we have a whole host of products so you should make money...

give sample pays 

you get paid every two weeks based on sales from the prior week.  

1. pay  xxxxxxxxxxxx

supplies, repairs, 


You can say, im with veteran lab and we sell optical goods I am an optician that sells opticals which also help wounded warrior and many opticians are more than happy to give to people who help veterans....


possibly sell glasses, copy coupon to get 100 dollars of glasses...


******the way we should approach this is this, we are hiring for sales reps, but those who may be interested in the non-licensed  optician sales rep can inquire after they for the sales rep position and complete at least two weeks of interacting with opticians or doctors from their routes.. and you can use us as a reference  and gain some experience on some light repairs, which is the majority of your work and having some basic knowledge of lenses. 

show them video on what opticians do... give them  offices that are hiring 

If they ask, after two week 


there a supplies that we provide such as frames and repair kits that you have to know how to use..we do not provide them for free.....


some doctors can order 10,000 worth of lenses and other merchandise a month, where no selling is necessary...your job would be to take orders and replenish what they need.

our motto is helping wounded warriors on our advertisements......

get wounded warror lapell pins, etc...


i can buy powder tints, or if its liquid, then I can buy a label, still need a label for paper stuff as well. 


2.   routes   white girl

what I like about the routes is that you just see a 3 or four doctors a day, which will take aproximately 2 hours, or as many as you like in a day, building a rapport, giving them are business cards and biweekly promotions.

your card will have your phone number for their customers who need repairs to call us or if they want to order directly from you, they can order from you.  all reps start as sales reps usually takes 1 week of training.  and then they progress  to  non-licensed opticians if they wish.  non-licensed opticians can sell lenses, which doctors can order everyday and you can get paid for.  usually takes 2-3 weeks of training 


we provide pizza to our reps....ask them if they want pizza...for repairs and other sales...



spend 1,5 hours,  start to get calls for repairs and services

Your phone number
Talk about people will get a prepaid shipping label
You will need a printer and paper
50 doctors 



3.  optical tech training  ( give some free training )  black girl   clean up and clarify this very important section.

introduce into optician... if interested in training for optician or working to repair, adjust glasses, you will need some supplies  there are quite a few job openings in our network...our optical techs will be training to do some minor repairs in the begining, but for techs who are interested in working for the doctors in our network, will learn a some basic skills  such as minors repairs ( last one week)  and reading eyeglass prescriptions and learning lenses ( last about 30 days) 




video one

specific things

What we sell


++Opticians --solder, you get paid more
++ minor repairs
++ supervisor or management 70
++ district manaver up to 150 k a year
++ cut lenses

Women of color as opticians and eye doctors
Mexicans too, need diversity

Our lab

Your phone number
Talk about people will get a prepaid shipping label
You will need a printer and paper
50 doctors

What we sell

You do have a better chance of being hired if you learn soldering, repsirs of glasses, customs clips, and cable temples. Many opticians do not

We do recommend that all of our reps take the optician training in order to sell lenses, but cant sell lenses unless you are trainec, this will also make you versatile and be elivible to work with our doctor partners.

Sales page: what you need for training

Eyeglasses, soldering, give them cd burned , etc
Stick with easy repairs , get spring loaded tool

Retarget specific areas with job offers

News black women

Make sure to have white men and women talkibg about our company

Perbaps get optician from an area to help my students with adustment..

Might also directly advertise for optical schools