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KDIT Optical



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1.   Eyepiece Ajusting Ring    2.   Lens Presser
  3.   Lens Supporter    4.   Axial Handwheel
  5.   Lamp Compartment    6.   Lens Lifting Platform
  7.   Dioptre Handwheel    8.   Axis Pointing Marker
  9.   Position Handwheel   10.  Switch

Technical Specifications:

       Range of oculer   -5D ------ +5D
       Range of sphere power  -20D ------+20D
       Reticle value     0.125D 
       Range of cylinder power  -20D ------+20D
       Range of prism  0 ------ +5D  
       Axis wheel 1 degree increment

       Cylinder lens axial range  0º  --  180º 

       Lens diameter   Ø 20mm ----- Ø 100mm
       Weight:   About 5 kg
       Size:  150mm x 370mm x 210mm
       One year warranty
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