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Nut II P 3-IN1 Nut-Washer-Cap

Nut II P 3-IN1 Nut-Washer-Cap

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Nut II P Three-In-one Nut-Washer-Cap (WFLN)

The particular design of the NUT II P three-in-one nut-washer-cap combo combats annoying lens wobble by providing inherent torque even if nut is loosened (standard metal screw/nut/washer combinations, upon slight movement, lose 100% of their inherent torque, thus leading to the annoying loosening of frames).

The special design of the polycarbonate coating over the metal nut performs three functions:
  • Replaces plastic cap
  • Replaces plastic washer
  • Retains nut torque in place of “locking resin†traditionally used on screws

    Polycarbonate Coating

  screwicons-06.png screwicons-04.png screwicons-07.png
WFLN12 2.5 1.2 2.5
WFLN14 2.5 1.4 2.5
*All sizes are in mm
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