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McCray Optical

Rook Anvil

Rook Anvil

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The anvil tower is produced exclusively for B & S. This external shape is unusual for an anvil but it provides a range of practical advantages. Its solid aluminium body offers a secure grip and ensures flexibility of use. Small repairs c an be carried out without stressing the surface of the table. That makes it a particularly interesting tool for service work carried out during a consultation. Spectacle components can be placed in the recess on the top of the anvil. Everyone who has tried out this little heavyweight has learned to appreciate it.

  • Slip-proof, rotating rubber base
  • For working on screws on closing blocks, hinges and lateral pad arms
  • Protects work bench, table etc. against scratches
  • Depositing area for screws
  • Robust and stable, made of solid aluminium
  • Rubberised base allows work on the spectacle frame to be carried out gently
  • Can be fixed to the work surface, screw thread underneath the rook anvil
  • Useful and aesthetic tool for the workshop and the sales room

Height: 80mm
Diameter: 45 / 80mm
Weight: 300g

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